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Etherea is used by companies, from small startups to large corporations, to train their content and generate intelligent and accurate responses in customer service, technical support and for all employees

We simplify companies and improve flows

Smart companies

With Etherea, you have a powerful tool to make information about your products, services, technical specifications, troubleshooting and knowledge base more accessible to your customers and employees.

Create personalized communication channels for your customers and employees with exclusive content and let ourartificial intelligence impress them with smart and unique answers.

Accelerate results with artificial intelligence

Reduce response time for customers with instant generative insights created from content from your company. Make your employees more productive by eliminating tiresome searches for information and multiple repositories.

Be the transformation

knowledge bases

Convert extensive knowledge of your company into quick and optimized responses for your collaborators.


Surprise customers by replacing instruction manuals with a chat that actually answers their questions.

Operational procedures

Make operating procedures more accessible and useful, dispensing with the printing of countless useless papers.

and everything you can imagine

​ There is no limit to what you can achieve with Etherea, so we leave this topic for your creativity to flourish.

How does Etherea work?

Step 1: Create a channel

Create personalized channels, with exclusive content and visual identity.

Step 2: Add content

Upload documents and miscellaneous materials quickly and easily.

Step 3: Invite users

Invite people to access your channels securely and neatly.

Fast, smart responses to great content

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